Covid-19 Notice - Please Read

To ensure the safety of all of our customers it is now required that all visitors wear a mask and not have any symptoms. We also ask that all customers not come in if they have been exposed to someone who is ill.

Medium length wavy blonde hair
Pixie Hair Cut with Pink and Purple Color
Short Wavy Brown Hair
Long Pink Curly Hair
Diva Curl Brown Hair
Red and Brown ombre hair
Curly Redish Brown Hair Perm
Oil Slick Hair Color
Long Wavy Hair Light Brown

Updated pricing coming soon!

***Base prices are as listed and can vary depending on each client's individual needs.

***If you cancel without 24 hours' notice $50 fee must be paid before next scheduled appointment.

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15 years in the biz and loving every minute of it. My family and clients are my priority. I aim to please and give each client a fun atmosphere and looks they can maintain without me! Also letting you know in advance I double book appts and I share a room so if you like to be alone during your appointment, you will need to come during non peak hours and please call to request it. For all appointments and questions don’t hesitate to text me. Please include your name, phone, email and the service you are wanting, best times for you and I will be happy to book appointment for you. Thank you.